The Fat Loss Factor: Fat Loss Factor Review!

The Fat Loss Factor Full Review!

Few weeks ago, I was invited to test on a recent product launch by Dr. Charles Livingston. The product is called “The Fat Loss Factor(TM)”.

For those who follow me closely know that my team and I only recommend products we personally tested before putting up a review page. We received lots of product launch invitation, thus can only select a few recognizable and qualified publisher to review on their offers. After following the fat loss factor program for about 4 weeks now, the result has been amazing. To help you understand more about the product, we decided to put on our honest and unbiased review so you can see whether it is a right fit for you or not?

Click on the Video image below to view the presentation for the Fat Loss Factor(TM)

What is the Fat Loss Factor(TM)?

The Fat Loss Factor( is an innovative weight loss formula program designed for both male and female. The product is created by Dr. Michael Allen, who is very much a well-known figure in the health and fitness industry.

Dr. Charles Livingston live with his wife in Carmel, Indiana. He is a certified chiropractic physician and diet expert. Dr. Charles and his wife Lori have helped thousands of people loss weight and get rid of their unwanted belly fat successfully with their practical revolutionary weight loss formula! Dr. Michael unconventional teachings are famous of using advanced weight loss formula to burn fat via metabolic boosting and effective customized exercises!

Dr. Charles’ system, the FLF formula, has helped 200,000 people in 106 countries reducing weight successfully!  The system claimed that it can help you flatten your belly fat in 7 days without sacrificing the food you love.

What is Inside the Fat Loss Factor(TM) Program?

Fat Loss factor is a digital downloadable product available to purchase online via ( The whole system comes with the following materials:

  • A digital content rich e-book in PDF format detailing the exact FLF process from start to finish.
  • The cost of the blueprint is $47 for a limited time, inclusive of the body and liver cleanse videos
  • In FLF, Dr. Charles Livingston unselfishly shared the secret of his ultimate weight loss formula which include the answers to the following questions:
  • How can you loss weight yet eating the bad food you love without feeling bad?
  • How to lose 8 ibs as short as in 9 days time frame?
  • How to lose 2 inches from each thigh not just your pot belly?
  • How to train your liver to burn the necessary fat for you at the right moment etc?
  • On top of that, there are other bonuses come with the program such as:
  • Customized software programs teaching you how to plan your schedule and keep track of your progress!
  • Pre build grocery shopping lists
  • Beginning+intermediate+advance exercises you can work on depends on your levels
  • The 5 MUST HAVE workout routine you should stick to
  • Goal setting guide PLUS customized fat loss measurement program
  • Exercise log file
  • One whole year of personal email coaching
  • Free lifetime update & etc

How Does Fat Loss Factor(TM) Works?

Basically, the program consists of 4 major steps:

  • Step 1: Cleaning Your Body: A systematic approach detailing what you should do to achieve ultimate weight loss by balancing the diet in your body!
  • Step 2:  Edible Fat Food: The secret formula behind why you can eat all you want yet still attaining your desired weight loss goal.
  • Step 3  The Right Cardio antidepressants Exercises: What sorts of exercises you should do, and how often you should do it. Simply go to the gym won’t help you get what you want!
  • Step 4; The FLF Attack Plan: This is very much the most important chapter that teaches you the best diet vs. bad diet. How to fully control your liver function with the help of the fat loss factor formula program.

What I LIKE Most About the Program

This is very much a good system for those who want to lose weight in their own schedule. You can very much customize your own routine depending on your schedule and flexibility! Here are what we really like about FLF.

  • NaturalHomeRemediesHQ.comFat Loss Factor (TM) is a legitimate weight loss system and it works!
  • The formula is explained in very easy to understand procedure with tailor made schedule you can stick to
  • The one year of free personal coaching is a plus, and lots of my customers already expressed their gratitude on this.
  • The formula works well in all age range with no prescription drugs needed and with zero side affect
  • At the introductory price of $47. It’s consider very inexpensive. To my understanding, Dr. Charles charged $800 for one to one private coaching in his clinic, thus this limited offer is really a big bargaining
  • If you are still hesitate, you can try the trial offer at an initial cost of $5 (limited time offer only)
  • Many positive testimonials from previous clients of the program
  • We really like the body and liver cleanse video. If you don’t have time, you can jump right into those videos
  • The recipes book written by Lori (Part of the free bonus) is a great reference. We are enjoying every piece of the recipe suggestion!

Some Possible DRAWBACK on the Program

  • The course is only available in digital downloadable format as for time being, and I wish they can come out a hardcopy in the future
  • The system said you can loss belly fat as little as 7 days but our studies concluded around 2 to 4 weeks to really see the full impact!
  • There are lots of information presented in the blueprint, so you might feel a bit overwhelmed with the course jam packed with valuable tips and advice
  • FLF is not a magic formula!  It does require your commitment and self discipline to make it works!

My Final Verdict:

  • Rating: 9 out of 10
  • A splendid yet legitimate all in one weight loss program
  • Do I recommend the product? YES, I do

We have tested so many weight loss products, and we can confidently concluded that the fat loss factor is one of the best systems we have come across so far! The truth is you might have already spent countless hrs trying to loss weight but find them ineffective. If that is the case, we would strongly recommend you to check out the Fat Loss Factor Program.

The program is like a all in one solution, not only it is a complete blueprint to weight loss, but it also teaches you how to customize your workout routine without giving up some delicious foods you always want to eat. If you are looking for a reputable coach to help you shed off extra pounds, then Fat Loss Factor is the right system for you.

We hope our Fat Loss Factor review is helpful for you. Stay in shape and remain healthy.Look no further and take action today!



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